By Emmy Neema.                   

“Normalize dating people in your county, normalize dating your neighbour, normalize dating people in your village.”

Are you a netizen if you have not come across these memes since the pandemic struck and the cessation shenanigans began? Since 2020 A.C (After corona) all we have been doing is normalizing.

When the nation was addressed, schools closed and students asked to vacate universities premises most campus relationships died a natural death especially the ones that involved couples who come from different parts of the country.

With sis Rona on the loose, cessations and travel bans maintaining existing relationships has become extra work for millennials, hence spiking up the percentage of breakups among college sweethearts. Unlike classes that are prospering in the long-distance faculty thanks to online learning, romance has failed terribly. Young lovers have denied themselves the hustle and bustle of long-distance romance, therefore does it mean millennials lack what it takes to sustain a long-distance relationship? Or is it just fear of the unknown…well, that is hard to tell.

Young lovers have the mentality of not getting too attached to a person to safeguard their hearts and make it easy for one to adjust to a breakup and move on, ever heard of the songs, “mbele kama injili?” Therefore the thought of keeping the spark on in a relationship divided by distance gets tiring since finding a romantic partner in these streets is easy.

The Holy Book defines love as patient but is it really? I mean it gets to a point the “I wish you were here” and “I miss you’s” get too tiring and boring in a long-distance relationship between young fellas. What is the point of wishing you are here if one could just drop you like hot charcoal and find someone who is available and let love flourish.

It’s about time campus millennials learn to relate with their partners despite the distance, one does not necessarily have to normalize having a partner that is in your vicinity for a relationship to work. Long-distance relationships can work just fine if both partners are confident in the relationship, stay in regular touch, are completely honest with each other, make plans together, surprise one another by sending gifts and being there for your partner even when you are not actually there.


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