By Emmy Neema

Gone are the days where the marriage ring used to signify the union between couples. In this millennial era, the ring has become more valuable than the relationship. Marriage has lost its meaning to young people nowadays because all they want is to have fun and vibe rather than build up with a partner or get attached to a spouse.

Marriage is a legally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship. For a marriage to happen there has to be a relationship that involves courtship, but in today’s world phrases such as “love is too overrated, let’s just vibe” and “going with the flow,” have poisoned the youth’s minds hence leading to unworkable relationships.

Our minds are too clouded with “going with the flow” that it blinds our eyes to beautiful possibilities. Once the flow is calm then everything is dandy and sweet but once the flow changes its course, then it’s time to leave. What happened to patience?

We live in an era where young men and women are in a rush to put a ring on it once they spot a potential, where marriage is believed to be a rite of passage, where relatives keep rushing you with statements like “Utaleta mtu lini?” and where ladies are busy stating the type of husbands they want, “ooh he has to be financially stable, he has to be driving not just any car, a posh car, he has to have his own house”……People nowadays are attracted to what you are not who you are, that’s why there is a saying that goes, “mwanamume ni pochisura tutavumilia.” In short, I love your money but if a ring is all I have to put on to get it, baby I will do it.

Yes, a lot of couples are married to rings that is why they can comfortably remove the rings once out of their house, cheat in peace, and put them on when on their way back to their matrimonial homes.

Dear youths it’s up to you to decide who you want to end up with. Is it the ring? Or the person?… Choose wisely.

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