Campus love can mean to be so ‘deep’. Many decisions are made with our sweethearts at heart and one of those is the ‘living together’/cohabiting choice. In the dawn of the relationship, what can go so bad? The girl can keep an eye on her man every night and make sure that he has not gone to bed with another woman while the guy gets his dishes done, room cleaned and even gets serviced without having to go out of his way and buy rolex or organize a date.

The usual arrangement is that the two will share one hostel room (which is usually the girl’s room) and will use the money meant to pay for the second hostel room as up keep. We have seen the ‘marrieds’ at campus, rushing back at 5pm to cook spaghetti before their darling gets back from class too.

Now the real question of the story comes in. What happens when the once happy couple breaks up mid semester? Where does the other party go and what do they do now that they probably used the up keep completely and cannot pay for another room.

A one Simon tells a story he is going to remember forever. The girl teamed up with her crew, packed he and his belongings and showed him the way out! He had lived with his girlfriend for two sweet semesters until she met a better man. He was the laughing stock for weeks and had to endure the shame and pain.

Aaron, a third year student said that he just had to pack up and go camp at one of his homies’ place. “Mahn! That moment was a real hard one. I had to call various homies and embarrassingly tell them that I had no place to stay and needed them to house me as I figure out the situation.”

Priscilla said that she just decided to go home and commute for the rest of the semester as she did not stay far. She had to come up with a really good story to tell her parents and she said that Accommodation department had closed the hostel due to sanitation issues and areas that the warden had not dealt with. They must have bought her story.

There are many more scenarios that come from the cohabiting and breaking up stories including the hardcore guys that just throw the girls out and leave them to fend for themselves and figure their life out. Has any of you been in such a situation or do you know someone who has? What did you do or what did the other person do?

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