By Virginia Wamuyu

You probably have morning classes on your timetable. And you’re also probably struggling to survive those classes. Worry not cause we got you!

Read on to find out how to survive morning classes while on campus!

Set several alarms

If your class starts at 7 am, wake up early enough to enable you to prepare yourself adequately and also enable you to get to class on time. Set them at intervals because snoozing is real!

Organize everything the night before

This includes the clothes you will wear, the books that you’ll need for the following day and anything else that you will need should be put together. Place your clothes somewhere that you’ll be able to see them the next day and place everything else in your bag. This will prevent you from forgetting stuff and make you less confused.

Eat some breakfast

Before going to class, make sure you eat something. If not, more times than not, you’ll spend most of the lesson focusing on your empty stomach and not what is being taught.

Psych yourself up
Whatever you do to get yourself in good moods, do it in the morning. Whether it is saying positive affirmations in the mirror or listening to music, it will help you keep in good moods the whole day.

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