By Virginia Wamuyu,

You have been working smart or hard to achieve your goals and you somehow manage to achieve them. Or better yet you achieve them!
Or you have been chasing a lot of assignment deadlines the past week and you managed to meet all of them. Well done! Or better yet, you have survived a whole week of lessons, it’s not easy but you have done it!
Or you just feel good and you want to treat yourself, not necessarily that you have done anything super important. It’s okay, we’re not judging. It is very okay to treat yourself sometimes.

But there might be a problem. To treat yourself you need money. A lot of it. Have problems with money, check this out!
Wrong! Treating yourself or celebrating your wins involves doing the simple things that give you joy. Here’s a list of stuff you could do to reward yourself.

Get fancy coffee

Have a spa day

Cook or bake something.

Hang out With Friends

Cook yourself some tea and drink it from a fancy cup.

Get crafty

You could watch a movie or your favorite series . If you are not a movie or series person ,you could spill yourself by listening to your all time favorite songs. Have a one person karaoke night if need be!

These are just some of the ways. Have some more? Do share in the comments below!

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