Have you ever wondered what most campus dudes and dudettes have contained on their phones, well for quite sometime I have been curious but finally I found out.

I was sitting with a friend recently and saw his phone on the table and I wanted to check what’s in there but he apparently ignored it by changing the topic so I concluded that he had some weird secrets in his phone.

Nude Selfies

I once looked into some random babe’s phone (with permission of course) and I saw some stuff people wouldn’t want to see I mean the babe had all kinds of selfies, in all angles and corners and nudes from various tribes and cultures, I mean eeh and she was so okay with it.

Not everyone likes nudes, by the way some people like their phones so clean while others want to fill their phones with whatever image they can come across.

Sex Tapes

Now when you switch over to the video section, hmmm I think it’s even worse especially most guys’ phones. The homeboy will have videos of all qualities sextapes… I mean you’ll find Desire’s videos and whichever human being whose sextape leaked.


Yah right, notes! most sharp students will take photos of handouts for obvious reasons. When it is time for exams, it is easy for them to sneak in with their phones and viola! They’ll open up the gallery and zoom them notes to copy the paper away.

My Verdict

I personally don’t mind it, I mean they keep most of us company and yes some videos are freaking hilarious. In fact I advise people to keep getting more of those but just don’t use it irresponsibly.

In most cases when you check a campuser’s phone, you can find nude pics ( boys and girls), selfies, family snaps, beach pics, those quote pics people usually forward to others and for videos hmmm you’ll find sextapes, funny clips, inspirational clips (very rare) and others and for those who know me, my phone is out-of-bounds.

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