The great thing about sneakers especially in today’s world is that anyone can be a sneaker head. Sneakers can be incorporated with absolutely any outfit. The statement “music and food transcend boundaries” may have been true until the arrival of the sneaker culture. It now unites all genders and generations across social cultures and fashion philosophies. If until now you’ve not been giving much thought to your pair of sneakers, then it’s time to change. Sneakers are having a moment and we’re loving it.

There is no one who is at campus doesn’t want to shine .However, if you want to shine with original sneakers and get into the cool kids system, you must be able to afford them because they do not cost a few pennies.

Before we venture into that, in case you are lost and you definitely don’t know what this is all about then get your groove on and dance to the beat as I give you some of your celebrities who own sneaker lines for the shoes that you sometimes don’t want to clean.

 Rihanna’s Fenty Collection from PUMA included The Creepers, Train-ers, and her fashion collection. Selena Gomez is the face of PUMA’s new Defy sneaker. Kanye West tweeted about the Yeezy 700 V2. Nathalie Emmanuel and Gal Gadot are the latest in line to join Reebok’s team of female brand ambassadors.

 Save up your mulla because you need to make people jealous with the shine on your feet.  Join the culture, make your drip game strong!

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