By Virginia Wamuyu,

There are so many reasons why you should listen to podcasts, on of them being so that you can gain more knowledge.

As an entrepreneur, you may face a lot as you run your business. Here are some podcasts to help you as you walk on your entrepreneurship journey.

1. Diary of A CEO

Diary of a CEO by Steven Barlett

Steven Barlett, being a CEO himself, shares his day to day life while running his business. His day to day life, his challenges and thoughts. He also has guests with whom he has discussions on various things entrepreneurship.

I’d recommend listening to this podcast as it shows the reality of running a business and not just the gliz and glamour of it all.

2. Bossbabe

Bossbabe Podcast by Natalie and Elizabeth

Calling all bossabes in the house! Hosted by Danielle Canty and Natalie Ellis, the bossbabe podcast is a must-have podcast if you are an entrepreneur. The two ladies bring on the show business owners of all kinds who get to share the lessons they learned as they run their businesses.

3. Girl CEO podcast

Girl CEO by Ronnie Brown

Describing themselves as the playground for female entrepreneurs, the Girl CEO podcast is hosted by a CEO herself, Ronnie Brown. The episodes of the podcast help you to become better in both business and life.

4. How I Built This

How I Built this by Guy Raz

This podcast has hosted some of the biggest CEOs in the world. From Richard Branson of Virgin Group of Companies to the guys who founded Airbnb. The host, Guy Raz, makes the episodes quite interesting to listen to.

5. Goal Digger Podcast

Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

Last on the list is the Goal Digger Podcast, hosted by Jenna Kutcher. Week after week she shares business hacks and inspirational stories to inspire you.

What podcast are you listening to?

Virginia Wamuyu is a third year student pursuing a degree in Nutrition.

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