Prof. Ephantus W. Kabiru

Title/Qualifications:Professor, Phd
 Community Health
Contact Address: 
P. O. Box 43844 – 00100, Nairobi. 
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Ag. Dean, School of Public Health
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Area of Specialization: Immunoparasitology
Research Interests: 
Parasites And The  Community


  • Evangeline K Mugo, EPHANTUS KABIRU and Joyce Mwaniki (2016). Patient Factors Influencing Adherence to ART Treatment among HIV/AIDS Patients in Embu Teaching and Referral Comprehensive Care Clinic. Science Journal of Public Health. Vol. 4(5): 375 – 380.
  • Evangeline K N Mugoh, EPHANTUS KABIRU and Joyce Mwaniki (2016). Therapy and Health System-Related Factors Influencing Adherence to ART Treatment among HIV/AIDS Patients in Embu Teaching and Referral Hospital Comprehensive Care Clinic. American Journal of Nursing Sciences. Vol 5 (5): 169 – 174.
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  • Kang’ethe SK, Kiiru J, KABIRU EW and Kariuki S (2015). Antimicrobial resistance patterns among Eschelichiacoliisoates from children presenting with diarrhoea at a cosmopolitan hospital in Kenya. East and Central Africa Medical Journal 2: 64 – 69.
  • Wamae PM, Githeko AK, Otieno GO, KABIRU EW and Duombia SO (2015). Early biting of the Anopheles gambiae ss and its challenges to vector control using insecticide treated nets in western Kenya highlands. Acta Tropica (150): 136 – 142.
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  • Patrick Okwarah, Richard Gakunju, EPHANTUS KABIRU, Lucas Malla, William Okendi, Lawrence Muthami and Simon Karanja (2015). Prevalence and correlates of Alcohol Use Among Underage High School Students in Murang’a and Kajiado Counties, Kenya. Researchjournali’s Journal of Public Health. Vol. 1 no. 6, 1 – 17.
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  • Samuel Muiruri, EPHANTUS W KABIRU, Eric M Muchiri, Hassan Hussein, Fredrick Kagondu, A. Desiréé LaBeaud and Charles H King (2015). Cross-Sectional Survey of Rift Valley Fever Virus Exposure in Bodhei Village Located in a Transitional Coastal Forest Habitat in Lamu County, Kenya. Am Jnl Trop Med Hyg 92(2): 394 – 400.
  • Nzomo Mwita, Isaac Mwanzo, Sammy Muthwii and EPHANTUS KABIRU (2014). Availability and Utilization 0f the Mechanisms for Monitoring and Evaluating Continuing Professional Development in Kenya: Case of Middle Level Health Training Institutions. International Journal of Professional Practice Vol. 5 (1 & 2): 89 – 99.
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  • Otieno S B, Were F, KABIRU E W and Waza K (2014). The effects of Yeast Selenium on CD4 Cell count on Non-Institutionalized HIV type 1 positive Orphan Children at Orongo Widows and Orphans in Kisumu, Kenya. Internl Jnl of Appl Sci and Technology, Vol 4 (3): 1 – 9
  • Geoffrey K Kinuthia, EPHANTUS W. KABIRU, Christopher O Anjili, Elizabeth M Kigondu, Veronica N Ngure, Johnstone M Ingonga and Nocholas K Gikonyo (2014). Efficacy of crude methanolic extracts of Allium sativum L. and Moringa stenopetara (Baker f) Cufodis against Leishmania major. International Journal of AromaticPlants Vol 4 (1): 16 – 25.
  • Mutinda A Kasusu, EPHANTUS W. KABIRU and Peter K Mwaniki (2014). Lay beliefs, practices of TB and HIV/AIDS among the community members living in Machakos County, Kenya: A cross-sectional study. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare. Vol 14 (10): 113 – 119. 



  • Jun 2014: Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee workshop on Neglected Diseases and Vector Borne Diseases, Silver Spring, Nairobi.
  • Nov 2013: Eco-Health Chairs Proposal Development, Entebbe, Uganda.
  • Oct 2013: Proposal Development of Research Chairs for Public Universities in Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Sep 2013: Workshop on curriculum: Afya Info, Naivasha, Kenya
  • May 2013: Development of the National Health Tourism Strategy, Nairobi Kenya.
  • June 2013: Workshop on curriculum: Afya Info, Lukenya, Machakos, Kenya
  • Mar 2013: Global Colloquium of University Presidents, New York, USA.
  • Nov 2012: Capacity Building workshop for OVS, Kenyatta University, Kenya
  • Sep 2012: Introduction to STATA and Qualitative Research, KU, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Aug 2012: Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Kenya national HIV & AIDS Programs, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Aug 2012: Bio-safety Sensitization Workshop Organized by KUIBC, KU Nairobi,Kenya.
  • Apr 2012: Enhancing Effectiveness, Efficiency and Social Sustainability, Nairobi Kenya.


  • Launch of Malaria Control Program in Eriteria, USAID
  • Review of National Malaria Control Prg., Division of Malaria Control, Ministry of Public Health & Sanitation
Administrative positions held to date
  • Chairman – Department of Pathology, April 2004    – August 2011
  • Ag. Dean – School of Public Health, August 2011 – to date

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